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About Jo Hughes~

Jo is an experienced horse trainer and teacher, coaching internationally full time both in person and online through her comprehensive rewards-based, positive training resource, The Academy of Positive Horsemanship (
www.equi-libre.co.uk/academy-of-positive-horsemanship). Her coaching inspires owners/trainers/riders from novice to advanced.

She designs and delivers detailed educational video material, talks, workshops, clinics, demonstrations and online seminars for horse owners and riders as well as all types of equine professionals.

Over the past 10 years Jo has been primarily focused on deepening her understanding of equine behaviour through developing her evidence-based knowledge within equine science as well as the practical application of reward-based, positive reinforcement training with horses. She has also spent much of that time immersed in the life works of the classical equitation Masters from the 16th to the 20th century.

Jo’s training practices place the welfare of the horse at their very core, using modern protocols to help clients’ and their horses with everything from dangerous behaviour problems and fears right the way through to training motivated performance horses and everything in between.

Jo has a deep interest in the history of classical equitation and is hugely passionate about coaching riders with a focus on good classical riding & training along with an emphasis on both rider and horse posture for centred riding. Her classical riding skills have evolved from some incredible instructors throughout the years including the late Mrs Molly Sivewright who competed on the British Dressage Team and was a List 1 dressage judge as well as Sophie Buchner who was personally trained by the late Nuno Oliveira in French classical riding.

What Will You Gain?

You will learn from Jo's expertise and gain knowledge and tips about equine learning and behaviour so you can go away enthused and armed with the means to safely solve problems and succeed.
This clinic will help you understand and overcome a huge range of common everyday problems encountered with horses. Your horse may have a fear of loading, clipping, traffic or being alone, a phobia of stabling, water, jump fillers or tractors or show aggression at feed times or towards other horses.
You will be guided by Jo so you have the tools to teach your horse to be a calm, responsive partner, without fighting or force!

The cost is £55 for the whole day. Learning alongside other like minded horse lovers, in a friendly, supportive and professional environment, we look forward to welcoming you to East Devon Riding Academy.

For more information about Jo take a look at the website

If you have any questions about he event please contact Natalie on 07771903220 or info@ridingacademy.co.uk

Saturday 7th October 2017

This day is aimed at helping people understand equine behaviour and helping them to overcome problems they may have with their horses through an understanding of equine learning and the application of positive training techniques.
During this one day clinic we will be concentrating on the theory and applied use of positive reinforcement with equines with a specific focus on problem solving for fears, phobias and aggression.

Equine Learning and Behaviour With Jo Hughes

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