East Devon Riding Academy

Horse Riding Lessons & Ethical Horsemanship.

Countryside Activity Centre near Sidmouth & Lyme Regis

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ABOUT US ~ Horse Riding


East Devon Riding Academy offers high quality riding and horsemanship tuition to children and adults. We offer opportunities for children from walking age, we are well known for giving children their first experience of ponies and riding. We have a purpose built riding arena and teaching also takes place in our surrounding fields to further the experience of riders. A comprehensive range of learning opportunities are available alongside lessons, including adult training courses, children’s Pony Mornings and Pony Playgroup.  We specialise in individual lessons or very small groups of siblings, family or friends. Lessons are about far more than just following the bum in front! We are experienced in helping to rebuild or improve confidence and welcome all abilities.




Choosing East Devon Riding Academy is an investment, so riders will learn correctly, in a fun and progressive atmosphere with safety as a top priority.We believe that the art of horse riding requires more than a crude ‘pull and kick’ approach, so riders here learn to build a relationship with the horses and ponies so they can develop their riding skills neatly and with feel. Riders consequently become better equipped to ride a variety of horses or ponies and can become a more accomplished rider, bringing a sense of achievement and confidence. The quality of our services is rather unique in the riding school sector. We are a small school, offering bespoke tuition that aims to produce skilled, confident riders with the ability to understand horses and how to care for them. Our horses and ponies are much loved and valued members of our team and their welfare is a top priority. They have quality, well fitted tack and are kept as naturally as possible, living out in small herds.

The owner and chief instructor of East Devon Riding Academy is Natalie Bucklar, BSc (Hons), MSc (Equine Science).Natalie has studied sports coaching to Masters degree level, specialising in rider performance. This specialism led to Natalie being asked to write and conduct a unique research project to help prepare Team GB riders for the 2004 Athens Olympics.

   Natalie has over 23 years experience of teaching children and adults, including lecturing to degree level in Equine Science. Experienced with all abilities and levels of confidence, Natalie’s pupils have competed at the Horse of the Year Show, the Royal International Horse Show, County level showing and National Championships. However not everyone is competitive and Natalie is equally happy teaching riders who may just want to master rising trot or learn how to canter. With a passion for horse welfare and understanding equine behaviour, Natalie and her team of staff constantly strive to look after the horses to the highest possible standards.

Learning to ride is a journey, not a destination. We teach people to work in partnership with the horses, communicating with them in a kind and harmonious manner. We do not believe in crude, bullying riding, nor riders holding on and hoping for the best. We want our riders to be safe, enjoying their hobby on happy horses that are free from pain and discomfort.

We are the solution for those people who wish to enjoy their hobby but don’t want this to be at the expense of the horse. For the people that recognise that the horse is far more than a four legged bicycle and has thoughts, feelings and needs of its own, we offer ethical learning opportunities. For more on ETHICAL HORSEMANSHIP, CLICK HERE.

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We also offer lessons for people with their own horse or pony. For flatwork, jumping, general riding, confidence building and improving partnerships, we can help. Throughout the year we also host clinics and demonstrations for owners, non owners and horse lovers. Take a look at the What’s On page for more information and like us on Facebook to keep up to date with the latest news.